Nya framgångar för Larsen i USA

    Vid Hi-fi mässan The Show i Newport så hamnade Larsen 8 åter i rampljuset. När priset till Best Sound delades ut så var det konstallationen Gamut-förstärkare, Larsen 8 och Pearl Audio Blue som kammade hem priset.

    Även introduktionen av Larsen 6 gav fina recensioner. Robert E Greene från The Absolute Sound skrev så här i rapport från mässan:

    The Larsen 6, the smaller brother of the Model 8 which I reviewed not long ago, was producing the inimitable Larsen sound, which is unusually, almost uniquely, natural in its resemblance to concert hall sound. Fans of stereo per se may not be impressed. People who remember what music is actually like will be, indeed. The 6s were offering much of the sound of the exceptional Model 8s at a lower price and in a physical presentation that is almost completely self-effacing—small enclosures designed to be placed against the wall. Price: $3800/pr.