CES 2015: Show higlight from The Absolute Sound

Spectacular imaging from speakers placed against a wall between a dresser? Yes, if those speakers are the Larsen Model 8.

Robert Harley:
”Finally, I’d like to mention my experience with the $6995 Larsen Model 8 loudspeaker that Robert E. Greene favorably reviewed in the last issue. This highly unusual design is designed to be placed against a wall, and features a tweeter firing into an angled baffle. At CES, Larson distributor Audio Skies positioned the Model 8s against the hotel-room wall between a large, immobile, and acoustically reflective dresser. Despite this hostile acoustic environment, the Model 8 sounded spectacular. The imaging was at least as good of that of a first-rate speaker placed in a large room well away from the sidewalls. As REG concluded in his review, Larson is really on to something with this unusual design.”